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Make Your Christmas Unforgettable with a Holiday-Themed Mini Session

xmas photo session milton

Christmas festivities are one of the most wonderful times of the year.

But what do you do when it’s time to take family photos? You want something unique that will stand out, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. That’s where mini sessions come in!

Mini sessions are the perfect solution for families who want beautiful photos but don’t have the time or budget to allocate for a full-scale professional photography session.

What Are Christmas Mini-Sessions?


A Christmas mini session is a small session where a photographer books multiple clients back-to-back to maximize the photoshoot experience for your family at an affordable price. Since these mini sessions are shorter in duration they are also generally less expensive than a regular session.

This type of session is perfect if you want to update your family photos for your holiday cards but don’t want to spend a lot of money or time doing it.

Not only are mini sessions convenient, but your family can get access to digital portraits that are clicked by a professional photographer without breaking the bank.

Why Have a Christmas Mini Session?

Christmas is a magical time of year. The air is crisp, the decorations are up and everyone is in good spirits. It’s the perfect time for hosting a photography session. The best part about having a mini session is that you can get the entire family together without anyone having to miss work or school. If you have a child that’s aged 0-6, you know how challenging it can be to schedule anything during the weekdays! The holiday season is the perfect time to schedule a mini session and make your family moments remarkably memorable.

What to Wear for Your Christmas Mini Session?

The season is filled with wonderful colors- jewel tones, plaids, reds, greens and whites. You can’t go wrong with any of these colors! If you’re planning on doing a mini session this XMAS, make sure everyone in the family wears red or green to complement the season.

Some outfit ideas for you to wear are:

  • Traditional Red/Green Plaid
  • Neutrals/Winter Whites
  • Navy/Tan

Our XMAS Backdrops

When we host a mini XMAS session in Milton studio, we have two different backdrops for you to make the most of. We have a cozy backdrop where the background is filled with Christmas amenities. A snowy window with a Christmas tree and toys beneath it, a crackling fireplace, and more.

The second backdrop is our Neutral option. It has all the feel of a complete home with a mistletoe-themed wreath, a frozen fireplace & a comfy cream couch. The backdrop is perfect if you want to take some non-traditional family photos with outfits & ornaments.

Christmas-mini-photoshoot-milton-BACKDROP-2 Christmas-mini-photoshoot-milton-BACKDROP-1

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How Do I Make It All Happen?

At Giggles Newborn Studio in Milton ON, you are making the moments everlastingly memorable. The setup which I design is done in a way to capture your entire family’s happiness most beautifully.

I ask all my clients to show up at least 10 minutes earlier for their photoshoot. Once they have arrived, I go around clicking marvelous photographs for them.

I do whatever I can to capture the festive mood of the holidays. I might ask you to do some light-hearted activities with your family, such as blowing kisses, laughing out loud, or just simply being yourselves. All of this will be done in the most fun and festive way!

So if you’re looking for a way to make your XMAS unforgettable, then hiring a professional photographer is worth it! At Giggles Newborn Studio, not only do we have the experience and skills to make your photos look amazing, but we also guarantee that you’ll have a great time during the photography session. Until next time, cheers.



My photography business started with me taking pictures for friends and family so I can create memories for them to cherish. When I started looking into how I can become a better photographer, I found that I had an eye for taking snaps of those cute lumpkins. I am honored every day when I take care of the most beautiful families and tiny babies on earth- not only in Milton but other areas of Ontario, CA.

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