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What is a Newborn Composite Image?

Are you wondering how I create photographs of newborn children swinging or hanging from a branch? Do you not want the same photographs to be taken for your little one? If so then let us help you get the perfect click by adding our magical touch of newborn composites.

At Giggles Newborn Studio, I have plenty of professional experience and expert knowledge in creating the most perfect composite images for you & your children to cherish for a lifetime. 

What is a Newborn Composite Image? 

A composite image is a form of image that is formed by integrating two or more images and forming a single image. It’s an editing technique which is normally mastered by a professional photographer over a time period. With the right techniques, a photographer can create whimsical scenes with the baby offering the most adorable poses that when taken in reality might just not be safe for a newborn baby. 

For example, if you want your baby to pose for a swing made of a tree branch, it becomes impossible to capture such an image in reality. However, with a composite this can easily be achieved with the help of an adult creating a swing-like structure with their arms & their newborn child cuddled within it.  

On the other hand, the second photograph of a branch can be taken separately & merged with the first image to create a final product which would look as if the baby was really hanging & swinging from that branch. It’s important to know that even though this image is not real, it can still offer a beautiful, artistic perspective that can be cherished for years to come.

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How I Perform the Newborn Composite Image Session? 

I allow the parents to choose their specific backdrop from one of our catalogs. Based on our customer’s preferences, I design the session as per their vision by adding beautiful lights and other stylish props on demand. 

Once the session is complete, then I carefully merge the two photographs. One is from the studio session while the other is from the digital backdrop. The combination creates the perfect image that brings a wide range of aesthetic appeal. 

Every composite that I create is done masterfully where the shadows and the textures are seamlessly merged to create the most perfect imagery. 

Since I have to spend a lot of time on each of the images, the right image can take some time. However, once the newborn composite image is complete, it will be worth the wait. 

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I Keep the Safety of Your Child at the Heart of Everything

The safety of your child is at the priority of what I do! 

Photography of a newborn child requires a certain level of expertise and is something that is not easily done by any professional photographer. 

I know how a newborn child is delicate and requires extra care. This is why; I take extra efforts to make sure that your baby is comfortable and relaxed throughout the session.

I make sure that I only implement the safest methods possible for each of the poses that I capture. I also take all the necessary precautions to avoid any accidents.

While it may appear easy to ask the parent of a newborn child to pose them in a certain way, it’s highly important to make sure they are too lazy or asleep. 

Achieving this can take time, and I have to stay very patient with the parents and the child to get that perfect click for an awesome newborn composite image.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, I want to conclude by saying that composite photography is one of the most challenging yet rewarding forms of photography.

It takes a lot of time, effort, precision, and skill to get it right. However, when done correctly, it can offer some of the most amazing results that you will cherish for a lifetime.

About Giggles Newborn Studio

Giggles Newborn Studio is a professional newborn photography studio where I bring your vision to life. I have a wide range of props and backdrops that you can choose from to make your session unique. I also offer a variety of digital backdrops that can be used to create a composite image. When it comes to newborn photography, my skilled & experienced services make me a class apart from the rest. Want to get the best & highly detailed composite images for your newborn child? 

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