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Hi! I’m Bia, the founder of Giggles Newborn Studio

Everyone is a photographer these days with their smartphones & Instagram filters. But the way I see it, good photography isn’t about using fancy equipment or knowing how to use Photoshop (although those things are nice). Good photos tell stories…stories that make people think twice when they look at them; making someone laugh one moment then crying another without understanding why. It’s artistry through storytelling…but you don’t need years of schooling for this type of work! You just need a professional photographer who has years of experience under their belt.

Are you eager to hire someone who can take photographs which can tell beautiful stories on your behalf? Browse all the sections on this website to educate you how I can make your life amazing. Curious about my services? You can always visit the FAQs and What to Expect sections on my website and understand the entire process of conducting a shoot with us. Just shoot a message and I'll quickly respond back. Don’t forget to check out my amazing photography down below or visit my instagram account.

I Marvelously Excel in Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn photography is a popular genre of baby photo shoots. It’s also known as maternity & newborn photos, where photographers strive to capture the beauty of these tiny creatures within their first few days after being born. In order for this specialized type of photoshoot to be successful, safety is a major concern and it should always come first! That’s where I take extra precaution when capturing those amazing moments. Parents usually help out by acting as assistants during the shoots and we take pictures in some amazing poses of their babies in different positions.

Take a Look at My Wonderful Photography

Giggles Newborn Studio is a one-of-a-kind photography company that creates beautiful artwork which you can display in front of your friend’s & family. Bias’ friendly personality shines through as she guides her clients towards choosing the right colors and styles for their newborn photos based on what will complement them in the best of manner. Bia’s welcoming attitude can be seen throughout this whole process, from when they first reach out until the final product has been delivered! Take a look at my amazing photo collection to make you feel inspired for a lifetime.
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