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Allow Me to Bust 5 Myths People Have Regarding Newborn Photography


Newborn photography is an art that has grown in popularity over the years, but people often need clarification about accepting this idea. From the understanding that you need expensive equipment to be unrealistic about photoshopping your baby’s photos, this blog will provide insight into what it takes to capture beautiful memories of your newborn with just a few tips!

1. Newborn Poses Make Babies Uncomfortable

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say that newborn poses make babies uncomfortable. In fact, this myth is so prevalent that I’ve even had clients tell me they don’t want their newborns photographed because they fear it will upset them. 

As a professional newborn baby photographer in Milton, I can assure you that with my experience I have developed a system to ensure your baby’s comfort throughout the session. The poses that I use keep the baby’s comfort top of my mind. 

2. Babies Get Cold When Posed Naked

One of the number one safety practices when photographing newborns is to ensure that the studio is kept warm so that this doesn’t happen. A trained newborn photographer will ensure that the studio is kept warm to prevent this. As your baby is posed in the colder months, a heater is often used to blow warm air across the area. Another way is to use a heating pad. 

3. Studio Flash Will Hurt Your Baby’s Eyes

It is a common misunderstanding that using a studio flash will hurt the baby’s eyes. This is simply not true! Studio flashes used at a newborn photography studio are designed to produce a soft and gentle light, perfect for newborns.

If you are concerned about your baby’s eyes, you can always ask the photographer to use a diffuser on the flash. We at Giggle Newborn Studio in Milton use double diffusers around flashlights to spread soft light. This will help spread the light out even more, making it softer and gentler in your baby’s eyes. I always try to use one so the baby and the parents are comfortable.

4. Newborn Sessions Are 5-6 Hours Long

If a newborn session lasts that long, the photographer may be new to the business or need more planning and expertise to do the job right. An extraordinarily long session means you either didn’t receive a preparation guide from the photographer to ensure the baby was full and sleepy, or they needed a backup plan in case the baby didn’t cooperate. In any case, newborn sessions should last up to 2.5 – 3 hours at most, regardless of whether the baby sleeps or cooperates.

With newborns, it is crucial to understand that they need to be fed and have their diapers changed frequently. Therefore, at my Newborn Studio in Milton, I break up the session into small increments so the baby is comfortable and can be fed and changed as needed.

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5. Newborn Babies Have To Be Under Two Weeks Old Or It’s Too Late

We prefer to photograph babies under 14 days, but it’s not the end all and be all. I have photographed babies up to 6 weeks old before, and while it might be more challenging, it’s not impossible.

Newborn photography is often seen as a luxury that is unnecessary and can wait until the baby is older. However, there are several reasons why newborn photography is important and should be done when the baby is under two weeks old.

Newborns change so quickly. They grow and develop at an incredible rate, and within just a few short weeks, they appear so different. At this stage, they change so much, swapping mommy’s and daddy’s reflections that every look is worth a million dollars. 

By capturing them early on, you can preserve all those precious details – the tiny fingers and toes, the softness of their skin, the downy hair on their head. All this vanishes in a flash, and it’s important to document them while you can.

Babies under two weeks old tend to sleep a lot. They are often referred to as “sleepy babies” for this reason. This makes it much easier to pose them and get those serene shots characteristic of newborn photography. After about two weeks, babies become more alert and active and don’t sleep much, making photography sessions more challenging.

So if you’re considering newborn photography, don’t wait! Get in touch to book your session – you won’t regret it!

Wrapping It Up

My hope for you after reading my post is? If you feel confident about the decision to hire a professional newborn photographer and go ahead and book a session today! If not, my other hope for you is that you gain a little bit of knowledge that helps you get excited about your baby’s photo session. Just remember: hiring a professional newborn photographer will be one of the greatest decisions you ever make!



My photography business started with me taking pictures for friends and family so I can create memories for them to cherish. When I started looking into how I can become a better photographer, I found that I had an eye for taking snaps of those cute lumpkins. I am honored every day when I take care of the most beautiful families and tiny babies on earth- not only in Milton but other areas of Ontario, CA.

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