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It’s Not The Camera, It’s The Story

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Hello, I’m Bia the founder of Giggles Newborn Studio based in Milton ON. I’ve been in the business of newborn and family photography since 2016. Over the years, I have captured thousands of photographs and captured dozens of sweet family moments. I love photographing families and capturing every smile, giggle and laugh that comes with being together as a family.  I specialize in newborn photography, maternity sessions and family portraits.

My Journey to Become a Newborn Photographer 

I can’t say that it was always an easy road for me during these years. I was so nervous when I first started newborn photography. I had a background in graphic design and architecture, but I didn’t feel like it was enough. I wanted to create something that would make people happy: something that would change their day and make them smile. So I started shooting newborns, and it changed my life. They’re so gentle, and they make my motherly instincts kick in during my shoots, allowing me to make a connection with these cute things that other photographers might miss. This way I’m able to get some great shots that melt my clients’ hearts! 

After joining the field of newborn photography, it didn’t take long for me to realize that it’s not about the camera; it’s about the story you’re telling. It’s more about artistry through storytelling than camera quality or editing skills. When I’m shooting, my goal is to capture the unique relationship between mother and child. I want to show the love and connection between them, as well as their personalities and quirks.

There were times when I felt like I wasn’t doing anything right. But what I did know was that if I kept shooting, eventually it would get easier. My work gradually started getting better and my client base became larger. Everyone in my family started getting involved, especially my husband and my daughter. The day came when I set up my website and incorporated my business and since then my dream has been to show everyone a piece of my art through this business and the creation of the Giggles Newborn Studio brand. 

Why I Love Working with Families as a Photographer

I have an amazing clientele of families and individuals who trust me with their most important moments. They know that when they hire me, they are hiring someone who will listen to them and give them exactly what they want. I love it when I am able to emotionally connect with my clients and create something memorable for their families. Over the years, I’ve received a lot of love from my clients who shared comments like “You captured my child’s personality so well!” or “Oh my goodness! That was the best picture of the three of us ever.”

As a newborn photographer in Milton ON, I have always been interested in capturing those sweet moments when babies are at their most beautiful. The moment when they fall asleep on their own, or when they open their eyes for the first time. It is such a precious moment that should not be missed! 

My Photography Style 

My work has evolved over time, but my style is still very similar – simple, natural and candid shots that tell a story. I like to keep the shooting environment relaxed, natural and intimate. I want to capture real emotions and genuine reactions from both parents and babies (or children). I prefer using soft light because it creates a glow that helps create dreamy images. My natural and minimalist style makes you feel like you’re looking at a photograph straight out of your memory! I take an approach that focuses on storytelling and getting to know my clients better so I can capture genuine emotion, creating photos that are timeless and expressive.

Being able to capture moments in time through the lens gives me a sense of fulfillment when I look back at my work years later. It also inspires me to continue learning new techniques and improving my skills so that I can continue creating beautiful images for my clients long after they pose for their first portrait session with me!

Be sure to check out my work on Instagram (@gigglesnewbornstudio). Take a video tour of my home studio here, it’s a relaxed environment for you and your family to be photographed together. If you’re interested in having a professional Newborn Photography session, please contact me via email or DM me on Instagram so we can discuss your customized session.



My photography business started with me taking pictures for friends and family so I can create memories for them to cherish. When I started looking into how I can become a better photographer, I found that I had an eye for taking snaps of those cute lumpkins. I am honored every day when I take care of the most beautiful families and tiny babies on earth- not only in Milton but other areas of Ontario, CA.

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