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Lavender Farm Field Photography in Milton ON

Lavender blooms during the mid of July and continues on till the end of the month. It brings immense pleasant feelings & calmness. These flowers are great for sending out messages of peace & contentment. Now imagine taking a few photographs full of colors in the background to secure these moments for a lifetime posing with your beloveds?
Mini Fall Shoots Session Details

Investment $175

Note: Professionally edited high resolution images will be provided in 1-2 weeks after clients select their images from the proofing gallery. I provide edited digital images ONLY. I do not provide printed images.

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Hi I Am Bia, And I Can Customize Your Lavender Shoots in Milton

Hi, my name is Bia and I’m your photographer from Milton, Ontario. Photography has been one of the few things that can make me feel alive creatively when nothing else will do! I love taking photographs when the Lavender flowers are blooming. Want to preserve beautiful moments with your family and set the perfect vibe for happiness? This might be just what you need because mini lavender photo sessions are perfect to bring your entire family together. I will make the best photographs for you and your family is surrounded by beautiful Lavender flowers with the sun setting in the backdrop. Allow me to make your family moments memorable with the best-looking photographs for you & your family.

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About Giggles Newborn Studio

Giggles Newborn Studio is a professional photography studio in Milton where I, Bia, your friendly photographer can take some of the best photographs for you. I specialize in baby photography, maternity photography, newborn child photography, cake smash photography, milestone photography & so on. Are you in need of a Lavender themed photoshoot? Well, I can give you the perfect shot, just reach out to me anytime.

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How Do I Proceed with the Lavender Season Shoots?

If you’re living in or around Milton, Ontario then I wouldn’t want you to miss out on our Lavender mini shoots. It usually happens in the month of June and continues on till the end of the month. If you book for one of our Lavender mini shoots, I might call you up to a nearby lavender farm in Milton, Ontario most probably during the evening hours of the day. This is because the sun is at the level and we get the best natural lighting effects to take some beautiful pictures. I simply take my client across the field and take multiple shots along the way stopping in different areas for them to pose. If need be, I would ask them to pose in a specific way making sure that all of the pictures capture the subtleness of the season.

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I’m a renowned newborn photographer located in Milton, providing a range of photography services at my very own studio in Milton, Ontario. I am also helping friends in Oakville & surrounding areas. Browse my portfolio to check out my range of photography options.

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I Take Flower Themed Photographs Like No Other

Taking the best photographs in Milton, Ontario requires an expert hand in handling camera equipment. As I work throughout the session, I make sure that all of my clicks are taken from only the best angles. Photography is not an easy task and requires a stable hand and perfection. When it comes to taking photographs, I make sure that I perform the job with absolute precision giving you heartfelt photos of your family. After all, you may want such photographs of your children and family that every time you take a peek into the past, it brings back those beautiful memories.

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