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Milton’s Giggles Newborn Studio is eager to create a timeless adventure for you.
Whether it be baby photography, maternity photography, cake smash photos, or outdoor events I can assist with all of your needs. Hire us now as your very own photographer in Mississauga. Drive by to our photography studio in Milton. We are only just 20 minutes away from Mississauga.

- About Me

Hi there! I'm Bia & I Love Taking Pictures

A baby’s squishy little cheeks and plump round belly make for a truly adorable picture. I loved taking pictures of friends’ babies when they were young, but my work took off after people started asking me to take more photos – who knew these small things could be turned into timeless art! Soon everyone was interested in the portraits I did with pregnant mothers (and even pets). And that’s how a photography star was born in me!

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Make The Most Out of My Baby Photography

The sweetest and most memorable years of a child’s life are the early childhood ones. As magical as they can be, parents say these first few years fly by quickly. I’m an experienced professional based in Milton, Ontario who understands how important newborn family photography is during this time period. Not only do you want your infant’s special moments captured through great photographs but also someone with extensive knowledge about every aspect of it all! My experience in Newborn Photography has resulted in immense skill at capturing babies’ cuteness from delicate angles. Using a mix of backdrops & props, I can give you the perfect clicks.

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Capturing Moments Into Memories

We can create absolute magic with our work and expertise to help you create your family album.
Its a once a lifetime opportunity. Once gone It cant be brought back. Sed et ornare nisl. Sed ullam
corper ex et phar etra scele risque. Suspen disse placerat sapien in ullam corper porttitor.


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In Studio Family

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We can create absolute magic with our work and expertise to help you create your family album.
Its a once a lifetime opportunity. 

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Are you planning a photoshoot for your baby? We are only 20 minutes away from Mississauga so just drive by to our studio at any time in Milton. Get your baby the best looking photographs now. Want to see how I can provide the best photography? Browse my portfolio to check out your options.

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