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Are you searching for a highly trained professional photographer who can offer you top-of-the-line newborn photography service in Burlington? Book your slot at Milton’s best baby & family photography studio.
At Giggles Newborn Studio, I can help you with baby photography, maternity photography, cake smash photography, and I can even cover outdoor events. Schedule your session today with us and enjoy unparalleled customer service. Book your shoot with me, I am only at 20 minutes drive from Burlington.

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Hi there! I'm Bia & I Love Taking Pictures

Baby photographs are undeniably adorable. When I started taking pictures of friends and family, they told me to keep doing it on a regular basis because the babies were so cute. Before long my hobby became my career when people would constantly ask for more photos – who knew these small plump squishy things could be turned into beautiful & timeless art! The clients kept coming back asking for more new portraits and I just couldn’t find myself to resist. Soon, everyone was very interested in what kind of work I did with babies, families, pregnant mothers (and even pets). However, as a full-time photographer, I have been closely working exclusively with newborns (and occasionally families).

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Babies Facial Expressions Change Every Day

Babies change expressions so often during their first two weeks and parents want to capture every single expression in perfect frames to cherish them for a lifetime. If you’re not sure who can help you take out such beautiful snaps, then Giggles Newborn Studio is a great place to start your journey. You can hire me as your professional photographer where I can offer you years of experience in maternal & baby photography. I can use a variety of backdrops, creative ideas & best-looking props to give your photographs the perfect appeal. When it comes to photography, I can beautify your images. Do you want to hire a professional photographer for your newborn in Burlington?

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I’m a renowned newborn photographer, but I also specialize in other fields of photography. You can see the variety of options you get with me by browsing my portfolio.


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We can create absolute magic with our work and expertise to help you create your family album.
Its a once a lifetime opportunity. 

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Located in Milton, my photography studio offers a wide range of photography services just for you. I am not only limited to offering my service in Milton, but we also extend our services to Burlington & areas. Browse my portfolio to check out the wide range of photography options.

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